Standardized Testing and Reporting - STAR

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Welcome Educators!

The goal in California is to have all students perform at the proficient or advanced level.

How to Get the Most from This Site

This site was designed to help you understand the STAR Program so you can better familiarize your students with testing.

Important areas of the site are:

What Information Is Available about Test Questions?

Sample test questions include:

  • Standards being assessed.
  • Questions as they appeared on the tests and their related proficiency levels.
  • Correct answers to questions.
  • Percent of students who answered the questions correctly.

How Do I Use This Information?

The information will help you to:

  • Know what students need to learn to meet state standards.
  • Make informed decisions on curricula, teaching methods and budget allocations.
  • Identify areas of your program that need improvement.

What's the Best Way to Print Test Questions?

Each question page has a print icon at the top right. English–Language Arts questions are best printed in landscape mode. All other questions can be printed in either portrait or landscape. Change your settings through page setup.

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