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STAR Parent Guides

The California Department of Education provides printed parent guides containing samples of the STAR Program released questions.

The California Department of Education and ETS grant permission to California public schools and school districts to photocopy and reproduce any parts of the 2008-09 California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) materials posted on this Web site for use in training STAR coordinators and teachers/administrators who administer the California Standards Tests; the California Modified Assessment; the California Alternate Performance Assessment; and the Standards-based Tests in Spanish. No other person or agency is authorized to reproduce or distribute any parts of these publications in any form or by any means or to store the information in any database or retrieval system.

To view the parent guide for a specific grade, select from the choices below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How were the questions chosen?

A: A statistical method was used to select from all released test questions those that would best exemplify the STAR CST performance levels.

Q: How were the questions tied to a particular performance level?

A: If the majority (65 percent or higher) of students at a specific performance level answered correctly, the question was selected. Then, of those questions selected, the questions were further examined to see which best fit the standards.

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The goal in California is to have all students perform at the proficient or advanced level.

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